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Level Devil

Level Devil is a platform game with unforeseen surprises, just reach the door at the end of each level to win. However, this is not as easy a task as you think.

Conquer unpredictable challenges

Guide your character through a series of levels to reach the exit door. Don't think it's simple, in reality they are full of chaos and surprises like the ceiling can collapse, the floor can disappear, and the nails can move unexpectedly. It may take you multiple tries to complete a challenge, but don't get discouraged and take advantage of what you learned from your previous playthrough.

Use WASD or arrow keys to move and Space to jump! You will need to adapt quickly to your surroundings and always be ready for surprises that may arise.

Strategy for completing the challenge

Many unexpected things make you unable to predict your every movement as well as the surrounding scene. That's why mistakes cannot be avoided right from the first play. You will also encounter a similar situation at Paper Dash because of many surprises.

Patience and Strategy

Level Devil requires players not only to be physically agile but also to have patience and mental composure. Each level is a test of your ability to maintain your mentality in the face of unforeseen dangers, requiring you to stay calm and not get angry.

Learn From Failure

You may be lucky to succeed a few times, but you cannot succeed many times with just one try. Each time you fail, you will learn something new and gradually become more proficient at the game through perseverance and courage.