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Merge Fruits

Experience the exciting merging game

Merge Fruits will bring you exciting moments where you can create many different types of fruits. Many colorful fruits will be added to this game.

Can you create a new fruit from two similar fruits? This is completely possible in this merging game. The game gives you a container where you can drop the fruits. The capacity of the container is limited, so you need to merge two fruits together to create a lot of space. You can merge two giant watermelons into one small cherry. You need to plan and think before you want to release a certain fruit. The game does not bring the same thrill as Geometry Dash Evolution of Flying but it is very addictive. I'm sure you could spend hours playing this game.

Merging as many fruits as possible in Merge Fruits

Every time you merge fruits together, empty spaces in the container are also created. In addition, you will also receive a certain number of points.

Do not let the fruit touch the red line

A red line appears at the top of the container. This also means that if the fruit container is full, you will lose this game. So, create a lot of space in the container to prolong the game. Combining two fruits will create a new fruit, so drop similar fruits close to each other.

The cycle in this game

The fruits in this game are not endless because they will have a circular rule. The largest combined fruit is watermelon. However, two watermelons combined together will create the smallest fruit in the cycle, cherry. This gives the game an endless loop. You only stop the game when any ball touches the red line.