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Ninja Hands

Become a powerful ninja in this game

Ninja Hands is an exciting fighting game in which you will become a skilled ninja. You can use your hands to create many powerful attacks. Good luck!

In this game, you will control ninja hands to create attacks on enemies. Innocent people are being kidnapped by evil ninjas and you will be the one to help these victims. To be able to save the victims, you need to defeat the evil ninjas before they harm the victims. You need to have agile fingers to combine skills together. Additionally, if you let your opponents approach you, they will attack you immediately. Don't forget to join the battle of the fish in Stabfish IO after you complete the levels in this ninja game.

How to pass levels in Ninja Hands

The game gives you many levels with different enemies. Your mission is to defeat all the enemies and save the captive victims.

Beat enemies

Your opponents are those who hold weapons and attack you. They will slowly run towards you. At this point, press the QWER buttons to create symbols! When you combine these symbols together, powerful attacks will appear. Please point your ninja hand towards the enemy. If you hit the wrong victim, you will lose this game.

Purchase upgrades and new skins

You can upgrade your ninja skills with the gold you earn after each victory over enemies. In addition, you can also buy new skins for ninja hands in this game. So, earn a lot of gold to be able to experience all the skins.