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Rolling Ball

Play Rolling Ball by clicking to control the direction of a ball. Your task is to control the ball through complex platforms to complete a level.

About This New Game

Welcome to Rolling Ball where you can become the driver of a small ball! Your task is to use mouse clicks to control the direction of the ball and overcome different challenges on the way to the finish line.

How to Play Rolling Ball

When you start a level, you will see a complex maze with platforms, items, and obstacles. By clicking the mouse, you control the ball to move in the direction you want. The goal is to skillfully control the ball to avoid falling into gaps, colliding with obstacles, and reach the destination safely.

You need to react quickly to control the ball through curves, slopes, and moving platforms. With only little mistake, the ball could fall into the abyss. If this happens, you must start Rolling Ball from the beginning.

Score High With the Ball

The ultimate goal in Rolling Ball is to get the highest score possible. Each time you complete a level, you will receive a score based on completion time and the number of crashes. Try to complete the levels quickly and smoothly to achieve the best time and avoid unnecessary crashes. However, it is challenging to achieve high scores because of the challenges.

Rolling Ball Challenge

Like Curve Ball 3D, this new game is designed with many different levels of challenge. Each level has a unique design and increasing difficulty. You will face new obstacles and more complicated paths. This provides constant challenge and excitement as you progress from level to level.