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Slice Masters

Cut everything on the way

Slice Masters is an entertaining game that doesn't require too much intelligence. What you need is skillful control so that your knife is not destroyed.

In this game, you will own a special knife that can cut everything. The knife will somersault in the air to move forward. The finish line is the final destination of the knife. Your mission is to help the acrobatic knife reach the finish line without being destroyed. With your ingenuity, I believe you can conquer all levels in this game. However, there will also be things that will destroy your knife. They are red objects and you need to help the knife avoid them. You may love Geometry FreezeNova as a fun game in your free time.

Get as many coins as possible in Slice Masters

Each time you slash obstacles along the way, you can receive a certain amount of money. The more items you slash, the more money you have. Additionally, when you reach your destination, you can even multiply the amount you earned by 50 times if your knife stuck in the destination has x50. With a large amount of money, you can buy new knives for yourself and continue the journey if the knife is destroyed.