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Triangle Jump

About Triangle Jump

Triangle Jump is a game that challenges your reflexes. Click and time it right to destroy all the geometric blocks. Break as many geometric blocks as possible.

Click rules

In this game, you will not click on geometric blocks to overcome obstacles like regular Geometry Vertical games, but you will click on obstacles to make them move. In the game, you will see a system of obstacles placed at certain points. Your task is to click on these obstacles so that they collide with the geometry and cause them to shatter. In a limited time, destroy all the geometric blocks to move on to the next challenge.

Many geometric shapes move

The game increases difficulty by dropping many geometric blocks of different shapes into the game to challenge players. These blocks will move one after another and you will have to click faster and more accurately. If you miss these geometric blocks, you will lose a heart. If you lose all 3 hearts, you will start over from the beginning. The geometric blocks move at a fast and consecutive speed, try to have good reflexes so as not to miss a beat.

Many dramatic gameplay levels

The game brings you new and vibrant spaces. After completing the first level, you will move on to the next surprising levels. In the following levels you will have to concentrate more because the geometric blocks will move in many different directions, this will cause you confusion and miss many geometric blocks. Please practice more and be more persistent to pass all the levels in this Triangle Jump game!